The Safe Sex Book
I remember being at a meeting where a famous trade unionist was arguing against the use of nuclear power. He told us of a public debate he’d held with the head of the nuclear industry in Britain. This man had tried to prove how safe nuclear power could be by producing from his jacket a tube of plutonium. In response, the trade unionist produced a piece of coal and took a bite out of it. “That’s how safe coal is” he said…” I challenge you to do the same with your plutonium”!
Nuclear power is a wonderful thing, but it’s also extremely dangerous. It produces the electricity needed to run a kidney dialysis machine whilst at the same time having the potential to destroy life on this planet.




The first thing you need to do is to realise that there’s someone who can help you. He invented sex, and has given us a guide to how to handle it. It’s called the Bible, and He’s God. His Son Jesus came to our planet 2000 years ago, defeated sexual temptation, and gives the same ability to all those who receive Him. He also died to pay the penalty for all our sins (including sexual ones), and He wipes the slate clean for anyone who turns to Him. Are you ready to receive Him; to obey Him and to follow Him? You need to take that step at this point. If you don’t, it’s no use going any further. Why not ask Him now to have mercy on you, to forgive you and to change you?
What “rules” then has God made to guarantee our safety? Well, the main one is this – sex is to be enjoyed only between a man and a woman who have publicly committed themselves to lifelong faithfulness. All other sex is in God’s eyes, illegal. So, sex with children, animals, someone of the same sex, your boyfriend or girlfriend, someone else’s husband or wife – in fact, anyone to whom you are not married, is unlawful and dangerous. However many people are doing it, it is sin, and disqualifies those who practise it from heaven.


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