Relationships …… and reconciliation How then can you put right what’s gone wrong?      How can you repair a broken or strained relationship? How does that affect my broken relationships? Simple. God calls on us to pick up the phone, cross the bridge, and then start to treat our parents, our boyfriend or girlfriend, our step-father or mother, our brother or sister – in fact, everyone, just like God has treated us. How does  that work? By starting to think of myself differently. I can’t change the way other people treat  me,  but  by  God’s  grace   and  help,   I can  change   how  I   treat  them. Impossible? Too right if you haven’t got the Spirit of Jesus whom God gives to everyone who gets reconciled to Him living inside you. On the other hand, if you have, you’ve got no choice! You must and you can! The Bible says, “Let the same attitude that Jesus showed, be in you, who even though He was God, didn’t make a big thing about what He was entitled to, but became a nobody …………” Contact us via email -