Addiction - Any addiction – alcohol or drugs - is dangerous. Either can trap us into thinking that we are in control. Below, two ex-addicts tell their own stories. Mike was an alcoholic but he’s been free for 30 years. Before, his life was a mess. Mike began with small things. But gradually became hooked.   The usual reasons for drinking or drug taking are:  •			Wanting to be a part of a group  •		 As a way of escape from something  				 pretty bad  •			Wanting excitement If the God who made us gives this warning, it’s worth thinking over the danger of not doing it. But supposing you take the view ‘It’s my life’ and you either don’t believe in God or you think that He has no claim on you and how you live… What happens then?  Want a simple answer?   YOU PAY THE PRICE This isn’t how God wants it, of course. He wants people to live well. He wants everyone to live happily, confidently and freely – and to fulfil their potential. Is the power for this available? God says that with Him all things are possible. How do you start? to get money. With God all things are possible. Even kicking drink or drugs. Contact us via email - Debbie Forrest Debbie was once a successful nurse but she began to use cannabis. She lost everything - her job, home and even her self-respect. She moved on to heroin. At first it seemed like the answer to her need to escape reality but it began to take its terrible toll. She became like a skeleton, lost her reason and descended to working the streets


normal life and is adding to her original qualification as a nurse, the ability to speak out on drugs and to counsel those in their grip.